What a beauty

Very stylish!


All you need is love

I like them and they like each other!

Million words

Summer in Greece in one photo!


Flag DIY

A simply but sweet tutorial for a name-day!Have to go now.Try it for your special occasion!!


Still summer

Yes,it's still summer!


Do try this at home

Today I discovered a long piece of lace and I thought, as my camera is always with me I could style it up a bit! Glue, scissors, lace and there you go! Ok, I admit, it might look like my grandmas camera now but I like it! If you want to try it out yourselves, good luck!



I love living in this country. One of the reasons that i do so, is that i can grab the ship , leave the city for a couple of days and relax under the shade of a tree slowly falling asleep to the sound of the waves. Sounds very poetic ? Still so true..


Mary Mary

Mary is practicing law at a law office. As soon as she finishes from work, she takes a dip into her plastic swimming pool on her balcony along with her plastic toys. She takes care of her plants and enjoys the view of the city as seen from her apartment in Patras. Amateur actor with a special love for tragedies she can tell you a lot about the plays she participated in when she was studying in Thessalonika. I entered her house and jumped straight into the pool with her!

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